Hear and Say

For the first time on a prac placement, I was put into a class with 2 students with hearing impairments. One child had cochlear implants from a very young age while the other student had only been diagnosed with hearing problems a little over a year ago and had grommets. I was very interested in seeing what could be done to lessen or bring down some of the barries standing in the students way in the classroom. These students were supported by the Hear and Say organisation who would come into the classroom, assess the students needs and provide the teaching staff with instruments to aid in the students hearing such as a phonic ear and a microphone that was directly connected to the students hearing aid. I definitely recommend checking them out.

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Done and dusted

My fourth prac has now come to a close and I absolutely loved every minute of it. It’s so wonderful to have a mentor and teaching staff who genuinely care about my progression as a teacher. I have now taught pracs in prepm year 2, year 3 and year 4 (one was a 3/4 composite class). Luckily enough for me, one of the year 6 teachers offered to take me on for my next placement. This will give me an opportunity to expand my skills and strategies as well as providing for a good source of reflection as I think about what grade I would ultimately like to teach.

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Plan B’s on prac

Recently, I have been looking through some of the posts people wrote before they went on prac to see how emotions and plans have either changed or stayed the same. Looking back on Jordan’s post, I recalled a conversation we had on finding a plan b. Going into this prac, I was hopeful that I would not need a plan B. Unfortunately, I was wrong. There were laptops that would randomly turn off for no reason, ipads that randomly deleted apps and a smart board that seemed to have a seizures. Usually, this would cause me to have a freakout. To my surprise, I managed to keep my cool and impliment my plan b, resulting in a successful lesson. Yayyy

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ICT in my classroom

For EDC3100 assignment 2 we are required to submit 5 lesson plans that incorporate ICT. My classroom has a computer connected to a projector on the whiteboard and a teachers ipad which could be viewed through the projector.This challenged me to find opportunities for transformed, interactive and out of the box learning. Another pre service teacher who was in a similar situation was Maddy. Maddy’s mentor suggested that a fun and creative way to incorporate ICT into learning about 2D shapes is for the students to form the shape with their bodies and take a photo of themselves. Great thinking, very creative.

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