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Resources in a pinch

When you are delivering a lesson in the classroom, things don’t always go to plan. Unforeseen issues can arise requiring the teacher to find on topic and engaging actuvities for the students to complete without a moments notice. From my experience of playing around with ICT on this prac, some of the best in a pinch sites I have found are:

Study ladder – activities within all KLA’s (as well as naplan) categorised by year level and topic

Ideal resources  – numerous teacher and student resources and activities linked to the AustralianCurriculum

ABCya! – online games for students from prep to year 5 categorised by year level and subject

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ICT in Literacy Learning

So far in my university experience, I have not been required to use many ICT skills in conjunction with other key learning areas. However, in a second year course concerning literacy, the assessment piece asked us to create a multi-modal video as a tool to introduce literacy learning. When I read this task, I could understand the importance of including ICT aspects in the learning within today’s technological society, however, I couldn’t understand how I could introduce and enhance the literacy concepts of the lesson.
As I engaged in the assessment, I discovered that the creation of the multi-modal not only helped to build my understanding to the direction I would take within the lesson, but it was also fun to create. Similarly to blogger tahneestenzel, I developed an appreciation for the use of ICT in an English class.
To read tahneestenzel‘s experience of this taks, visit https://tahneestenzel.wordpress.com/

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