Testing your schema

Our conceptual understanding or schema influence everything we do. This is because we construct our understanding and conceptual model based on our prior knowledge, experiences, attitudes and beliefs. As a result, everyone has a slightly different conceptual model.
Take a look at this paragraph and have a go at completing it.
The questions that p________ face as they raise ch________ from in_________ to adult are not easy to an _________. Both f______ and m________ can become concerned when health problems such as co_________ arise anytime after the e____ stage to later life. Experts recommend that young ch____ should have plenty of s________ and nutritious food for healthy growth. B___ and g____ should not share the same b______ or even be in the same r______. They may be afraid of the d_____.
As humans look for patterns in what we observe, based on what we know, t is likely that the words you choose to fill in the blanks will closely align to your schema. Click here to see the original paragraph.

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