Constructing and Transforming

In order to develop an engaging and worthwhile learning experience for our students, both constructing and transforming knowledge must be utilized. Constructing or declarative knowledge relates to the students static knowledge and understanding of the concept and specific facts. Once mastered, transforming or procedural knowledge can be implemented. This type of knowledge is more dynamic, providing students with ways of working and knowledge of how to do something.

Both of these forms of knowledge can be found in the Australian Curriculum. As identified by Benjamin, the remembering, understanding and applying stages of Blooms Taxonomy relate to constructing knowledge while the higher levels of analyzing, evaluating and creating align with transforming knowledge.

This knowledge made it far easier for me to select appropriate content descriptors for assignment two, where I will be creating a unit plan and assessment tasks for a year 2 history unit.

These content descriptors are:

Constructing knowledge: The impact of changing technology on people’s lives (at home and in the ways they worked, travelled, communicated, and played in the past) (ACHHK046) ( From the Historical Knowledge and Understanding strand)

Transforming knowledge: Identify and compare features of objects from the past and present (ACHHS051) (From the Historical Skills strand)

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