Developing PCK

As future teachers, although we may possess a deep understanding of a specific concept or skill, it is important that we are also able to foster this understanding in our students. This overlap between the knowledge of the subject being taught and the pedagogic knowledge of how to teach it is known as Pedagogical Content Knowledge (read more about PCK here).

As we prepare for our practicum in the next few weeks, I plan to develop my pedagogical content knowledge through:

  • Theory learned during preparation (e.g. from curriculum documents and other publications)
  • Experience gained through previous placements and specific knowledge gained through previous courses that I have completed.
  • Analysing factors related to my personal background which may influence my PCK

I will also avoid ‘recipe-style learning’ such as only teaching through a text book, or focusing on only the fun aspects of the subject, marginalizing other important content or skills.


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