Why use ICT?

In order to justify why we should use ICT in schools, I turned my attention to ‘The Big Three’ framework. This framework argues for the inclusion of ICT pedagogies in order to:

  1. Prepare the next generation for the workforce;
  2. Make schools more efficient and productive; and,
  3. Enhance and transform learning and teaching experiences

Through studying this framework, I created a concept map, expanding on these ideas to answer the question ‘Why use ICT?’.


After creating this concept map, I searched to see what other students thought of ICT and pedagogy. Similarly to me, Tanya agrees with the implementation of ICT in schools as justified by the Melbourne Declaration and the Australian Curriculum. Tanya explains that as technology has changed at such a rapid rate, these programs and devices have become more efficient, promoting productivity. As technology become more readily available, most students will have access to 1 or more technological devices out of the school setting. Therefore, I agree with Tanya that as teachers, we need to ensure that students are ready for these changes in the future as they move beyond the school environment.

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