Disadvantages of technology in classrooms

Up until now, my main focus on ICT in schools has been on the positive impacts. However, as with any source of learning, if not used appropriately, technology may become a hindrance. These negative effects have been described by Julia Klaus in her article,  Negative Effects of Using Technology in Today’s Classroom

In this article, Julia focuses on the negative effects of technology arising from the issues of taking away valuable learning time, overuse and the implications of a ‘game mentality’.

It is inevitable that within any class, students will be at varying levels of technological skill and experience. Therefore, it is important to educate students in ICT however this must be conducted at a pace which meets the needs of every student or time will be wasted. Additionally, many students learn best through other means such as physically interacting with what they are studying or through hands-on real life experiences. Consequently, it is important not to overuse digital technologies, using them as a supplementary tool rather than the primary source of learning. Finally, for many students, their primary use of computers is for games. As a result, these students may become quickly distracted or off task when required to use a computer for another purpose.
As outlined by Julia, when used appropriately ICT can be a valuable tool for the learning environment, however, the teacher must provide careful implementation to ensure that no students are done a disservice.

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